Text Twist Solver

Text Twist is a brainstorming game that will test your language skills for speed. In this game, your task is to unscramble six random letters and find all possible words from them in two minutes! This word game is a good learning activity for kids and non-native English speakers, but it can sometimes be a real challenge even for natives.

Text Twist Solver will help you win the game and move from level to level easily. Let's say you have the letter combination DCSEIH. Enter the letters in the search bar and click "Search". Our word finder will show you all the possible words to win the round, including the three-letter word SHE, the four-letter words CHID and HIDE, the five-letter words CHIDE and HIDES, etc. In fact, to win this round, you only need to use a word of six letters CHIDES, but you can try as many words as you can in two minutes to get more points. Fortunately, the Text Twist cheat finds words in a couple of seconds. This simple tool is also suitable for Scrabble, Text Twist 2, Super Text Twist, anagrams and many other word games!