Wordfeud Cheat

Wordfeud is an addictive word game similar to Scrabble and Words with Friends. Wordfeud also gives you 7 tiles (vowels, consonants and empty wildcards), but it has some unique features compared to other games. Wordfeud is a multiplayer game, so you can play on different boards (up to 30!) and take on your family, friends, colleagues, and even random opponents at the same time.

In Wordfeud, you have 72 hours to make your move. There's plenty of time, but if you don't make a word out of the given letters, you'll miss your turn. Three passes will make you lose. Wordfeud Cheat can help you always know the word with the highest score, play faster and expand your vocabulary.

Imagine you have the letters I, D, F, R, E, N and one wildcard. You can use the obvious word FRIEND as an answer, or enter the tiles into our word finder and hit search. This online helper will show you all possible words with given tiles, including 7-letter variants (DEFINER, REFINED, UNFIRED, and more) that can earn you as much as 40 points! All you have to do is place the word with the most points in the right slots on the playing board to hit the jackpot and win the game!