Word Descrambler

Unscrambling is the essential part of many word games - such as Scrabble, Words with Friends, anagrams and more. Sometimes it's easy to unjumble a given set of letters and move on to the next level. But some phrases can confuse you, and the only solution here is to stop playing and give up. Or no…?

Let's imagine that you have a tool that will help you progress from level to level, expand your language skills and win all kinds of word games. Does it sound like a miracle? This cheat tool already exists! Word Descrambler is a word finder that helps you unscramble jumbled letters and find all possible words from them. Let's check how it works.

For example, you are given the letters N, I, W, R, T, E. Enter them randomly into the search bar and click the "Search" button. Here are the results:

  • 6-letter words WINTER and TWINER

  • 5-letter words WRITE, INTER, INERT and others

  • 4-letter words TWIN, WINE, WIRE, RENT, WENT and others

  • many options of 3 and 2 letters

You can click on a word to see its meaning and the game it's for, so you'll never get screwed in front of your playmates. You can also use advanced search if you need specific settings. For example, you need to unscramble the letters in our example (N, I, W, R, T, E) and get a 3-letter word that starts with N. Enter N in the "Starting with" field and 3 in "Length", then click the “Search”. Now you will get only 4 options - NEW, NET, NIE and NIT.